Religious Tolerance

I recently began rereading all the notes that I took during college, to keep the mind fresh while I'm waiting for SunGard to decide when the best time is for them to call me and offer me that job as a financial analyst...

... and I got up to Theology 1050 with Dr. Enright and a paper I wrote on the subject of abortion. I received a C for this paper which was then crossed out and replaced with an A. Luckily this paper was eventually graded based on content and not political position.

Without further ado, here an important quote from Diana Alstad & Joel Kramer which I'd like to keep in my repertoire:
Religious tolerance has meant respecting all religions, with an implicit taboo against criticizing them. Now this is handicapping us unfairly. A more appropriate definition that is not inherently disadvantageous to the more tolerant side is: everyone is free to believe what they want, and people are also free to criticize others' beliefs, especially if they can be shown to be harmful.


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