The thirdworld-ification of the United States

My thoughts? This seems like a misguided and confused statement at
best and a racist one at worst.
The main issue the author has appears to be that Hispanics are coming
to America, utilizing our resources and hospitality and then not
contributing their fair share to society. This is a real problem.
Let us be specific. The problem to society is not other ethnicities
increasing in numbers, the washing out of European ancestry, or the
dilution of Judeo-Christian identity. It is certainly not clashes of
cultures, or hatred. America is the largest melting pot in human
history, as well as the world-renown leader in solving integration
issues. We have had our fair share of intolerism in the past, but I'd
say we're doing all around pretty well right now.
The full quote that encompasses American freedom and acceptance is:
"Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!" cries she / With silent
lips. / "Give me your tired, your poor, / Your huddled masses yearning
to breathe free, / The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. / Send
these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, / I lift my lamp beside the
golden door!" What does this mean? To me, it means America accepts
you, and welcomes you to come and live a free life. Many people
accepted this proposition, and fled to America.
America has welcomed foreigners for a long time. Over the years,
immigrants have come from every walk of life, every political
situation, and at great expense to start a new industrious life in a
America. Why do people come to America today? Is it because of
religious persecution, because their home is helpless, and hopeless?
Maybe. I submit to you my opinion that this is not the reason. I
believe that many come for the free, high quality healthcare and the
opportunity to live a comfortable life while earning wages without
paying taxes. Those who give birth to a child on American soil have
additional benefits.
People that come to America for these benefits, which were designed
for tax-paying citizens, and have no intention of contributing to
society are not desirable. Also, American citizens, regardless of
American ancestry, that are enticed to accept all these benefits with
no intention of contributing to society are not desirable. In
aggregate, all people, proper citizens or not, who have the intention
of using America's generous benefits without contributing to society
are not desirable. These people use America's valuable resources,
which are in limited supply.
I conclude that America's specific problem is not open borders or
people who access its generous social services -- since all people,
Americans and not alike, will go at great lengths to use these -- but
rather rich social benefits themselves.
Postscript: these thoughts apply to American policies on the federal
level. States and municipalities, of course, can make decisions
What are your thoughts on this document?

The Third World Conversion of America
"Give us your tired and poor"….. as is the inscription on the Statue
of Liberty. That is how we built this country early on with the truly
persecuted and those seeking a better life. This country was built by
those peoples in keeping with the puritan ethic of hard work to
achieve a better standard of living. The United States of America
successfully emerged since the earliest days of its' arrival by
growing in size and scope. Our population grew as did our borders.
Today we sport a population @ 300 Million. However ,the continued
greatness of our country , I believe , is predicated on the fact that
we are still resource-rich but not over-populated. In
contradistinction , many other countries are over-populated and
fighting over limited resources, This problem will become even more
exaggerated as the world's population explodes.
   What we have seen in the last 50 years is a dramatic increase in
our Hispanic population. By 2025 , our the largest segment will in
fact be Hispanic. Other ethnicities are increasing in numbers
over-shadowing our traditional euro-centric population. Our
european-descendant , judeo-christian identity will be blanketed by a
hodge-podge of other ethnicities, races and religions. How will this
demographic shift affect our nation ? That is the Trillion dollar
   My contention and my concern , is as our population shift evolves ,
will we as America lose the concerted drive that made us great ??!! As
we dilute our European roots with Asians and Africans  and others ,
what will our country look like ? Will this melting pot be able to
sustain itself ?  Will the changing demographic isolate certain
populations bent on retaining their identities and principles and
cause derision and disorder ?
   Yes , the world has gotten smaller by means of  enhanced
communication and travel capabilities. But with those advances have
come clashes of cultures , hatred and importation of terriorism to our
borders. Those who have less (than us) are jealous , angry and
belligerent toward us. We are seen as rich , uncaring and obnoxious
individuals who take advantage of the world at large. America's cache
has been diminished by our own successes !!
   Western Europe in many ways , mirrors what is happening in our own
country. However, the changes in demographics is even more
illuminating in those countries. England has a burgeoning (Eastern)
Indian population. France has an incredibly large Muslim population.
Germany is feeling the effects of an increasing Turkish migration. The
traditional cultural and political landscapes in those countries has
changed and will continue to do so.
   More and more , the people living in the Third World are moving to
America , Canada and Western Europe. These countries are absorbing
differing cultures at alarming rates. Certainly , problems with
assimilation will be front-line and center. Additionally , the draw on
resources , both natural and human , will create a drain on systems
already taxed in many ways. Not only will water , oil , gas and
electric sources be diminished but also social services will not be
able to keep up with the demand (e.g. healthcare , childcare and
We need to re-evaluate our own needs as a nation that has a proud
history and potential for self-sufficiency. Do we want to continue to
allow our country to be infiltrated by (illegal) immigrates?  Can we
support a doubling of our country's populace ?? I believe that we need
to effectively close our borders and get our house in order. We should
work on becoming self-sufficient in terms of energy production. The
other big issue is employment . Why not offer those jobs that are
increasingly taken up by illegal immigrants and give them to our own
(unemployed citizens). It has to be more economical to employ those
Americans than to continue to drain our (tax-driven) unemployment
allocated funds. Unemployed Americans are not only a drain on the
system but  also suffer an emotional strain , on a personal level. How
about injecting and rewarding pride back into workmanship !!
   What Americans are best at is creativity ; our intellectual
capability to overcome the challenges we face is second to none. We
can not only survive but flourish as a nation.
P.S. And by the way , Mr. Obama , please stop apologizing to the World
for our supposed arrogance. Yes , we have made foreign relation
mistakes. We are not perfect. But , we as Americans collectively have
a good heart and the best of intentions. Our democracy works and
allows us great freedoms that rivals the freedom of ANY other nation.
We certainly do not need to apologize to China or Mexico ; they are no
shining example of great humanity or humility. No one will mourn the
demise of America but rest assured our absence at the world table will
be sorely missed.


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