The looming healthcare bubble

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From: Michael Tomeo <>
Date: 2010年3月1日
To: many people
Subject: Healthcare Bubble

The next bubble to burst is healthcare -------the current situation is economically , non-sustainable. Hold on for another roller-coaster ride !!
More and more people are jobless , the cost of healthcare is increasing exponentially and employers are going to stop paying for insurance as the costs have been outrageously burgeoning in real dollars.........the Democratic plan is just a bandaid , the Rhinos are obstructionist , but what we need is honesty. The real solution , if you want to cover more individuals , is a plan to provide a safety net for all but we must realize that we all collectively must give something up in terms of coverage. Yes , that ill-fated and unmentionable term RATIONING. The major determinants of the rapidly increasing cost of delivering medicine are pharmaceuticals and technology. We all want the best and newest treatments but that comes at a very high price. It may be that Grandmom , an octogenarian , can not have that heart transplant for her heart failure or the newest neurological medicine to control her Multiple Sclerosis (that costs $1000/month) , UNLESS , she or her family want to pay for it. Unfortunately , we live in a society (and world , at large) where some can afford a better life-style and opportunities. That is reality. We are not all equal when it comes to being able to afford certain extravagances. We still live in a Capitalistic society and as such , certain individuals will be able to pay for advanced services. We can not afford to provide all encompassing healthcare to our populace unless we want to bankrupt our system (even quicker)

Michael A. Tomeo , MD


Wen-Yen said…
I believe the core nature of healthcare is good. Everyone can go to the hospital without selling his house to pay for the bill. But are Americans ready and willing to pay for high taxes to enjoy this service?

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