Google prejudice

All of this data was produced 100% automatically by Google Suggest on this Google Docs spreadsheet, which you can edit to make your own funny blog posts.

Black peopleJewish peopleIndian peopleChinese people
alwaysdie first in moviesn/an/an/a
smell liken/an/acurrymoth balls
putgrease in their hairrocks on gravesn/an/a
weartheir pants so lowyamakasn/amasks
eattootsie rolls with a forkkosher foodwith their handsdogs
havebig lipsbig nosesdots on their headsslanted eyes

My boyfriendMy girlfriendMy dog
alwaysputs me downtalks about her exsmells
thinksim fatim cheatingher toy is her baby
wearsmy clothesdiapers
eatsme outtoo muchpoop

UPDATE 2012-04-24


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