SEPTA R3 Train Catches Fire

At 5:38 today, the SEPTA R3 West Trenton train 371 travelling inbound caught fire at the Neshaminy Falls stop after running over an ATV. The engineer explained that one passenger driving an off road vehicle was crossing the tracks and had become stuck as the train was approaching the station. The engineer honked the horn and the rider fled the scene, abandoning the ATV. The train was unable to stop in time and collided with the ATV, completely driving over it. This immediately caught fire with smoke visible from inside the train.

Conductors on the train instructed passengers to exit and all passengers exited all cars quickly and orderly. There were no injuries. A loud pop was audible from the fire, this was most likely a transformer exploding, according to Will Entriken, an electrical engineer onboard the train. A conductor then used the onboard fire extinguisher to put out the fire without any trouble.

Trevose Fire Co. arrived on the scene at 5:45 and assessed the situation.


Anonymous said…
The fire company was the Trevose Fire Company. Please give credit where due.
Thank you for the correction.

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