Q: How many continents are there?

A: Seven.

However, there are some crazy people in this world who think otherwise.

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j c arroyo said…
seven, what is this, is only five and if you think you know it all all you have to do is go back in history and you will find the truth but do not go to usa history, because the rest of the world is not wrong and you will find that many years ago it was 3 africa ,europe and asia then americo christofer columbus discover america then it was 4 then the 5 th was discover ocean (to some people australia
Unknown said…
People from under educated or non-educated countries believe that there are 5 or 6 "Geographical" continents. There are really 7 "Geographical" continents with:
1) Asia being the largest,(please see 5)
2) Africa in second place
3) North America
4) South America
5) Europe (dividing line between Asia and Europe is the Ural Mountains)
6) Australasia or Oceania
7) Antartica.

Now if one wants to talk about economics there are even more divisions.

The teaching models in South American countries are very poor with many of the teachers not being properly educated themselves this is especially true about Brazil. They are in the belief that all of the Americas are one continent, if that is the case then Asia, Africa and Europe would also have to be one continent.

and Japan would not fall under Asia but under its own category.
kashanie said…
O how I hate very ignorent and un-educated people who like to call other countries undeveloped! if you knew anything at all about geography and history you would know that people from the states are taught one side of the story,so it is sad that when they come against people that know the other side, they try to defend their poor misguided beliefs about the world...but thats a whole other subject. I am just going to say that if you want the truth depending on how you are counting there are from 5 to 7 continents.. and most of the people from other parts of the world are taught 5 or 6 with North and South as a whole continent not separated! (we don't see africa being divided into north and south!) its because of the states ego that this separation became to be, plus if you look at the olympics rings you can see what I am talking about. please people inform yourselfs before you make bold statements!
Anonymous said…
to the guy from the USA calling everyone else on the planet who was apparently taught that there are less than 7 continents...I live in the USA and want to offer a personal thanks for perpetuating our reputation as jackasses, jackass.
Anonymous said…
I'm in the US, and I remember being taught six continents:
1. N. America
2. S. America
3. Africa
4. Europe/Asia
5. Australia
6. Antarctica

Although, someone told me recently that Greenland was it's own continent and that is why I came searching. I can't believe how much discrepancy I am finding! Seems everyone was taught something different.
For the record, Jurgis's comment is something I would normally delete for being obnoxious, trolling, and derogatory.

However, the whole point of this post was to be obnoxious, trolling, and derogatory... so yeah.

I am surprised that Americans haven't reclassified the tectonic plates so that Canada is separate and we get our own continent!

Anonymous, may I ask what state you are from where they teach 6 continents? I am from PA and heard the 7 consistently around here.

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