Independent review of SEPTA performance

Here is a website I wrote that provides an independent analysis of SEPTA's regional rail performance.

You can specify the period to consider.

Also, the site provides a recommended new schedule in order to avoid systematic latenesses which have been identified.

The site is at:

Enjoy, and please leave comments here or at: blogger AT phor DOT net.

-------- additional notes 6/1/2009 -----------

All of this data was collected from SEPTA trainview. I created a script to query that page every minute, running since October 2008.

The recommended schedule changes are the new train schedules for each line which I think will cause the minimum inconvenience to passengers and the current scheduling engineers:
 * The schedule is moved to match the actual arrival times of trains
 * Passengers know when to actually expect the train to arrive

There's a little more math than that, actually. You can contact me for details.

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