Mismash of blog posts: Jehovas flying butter converting virus

Usually you should blog with one topic per post. But I am just so excited with news today that I am going to burst!


Update to virus bread: here is the updated process:

* Get bread starter.
* Spend ten days to turn bread starter into 4 bread starters.
* Spend stardard bread baking time to turn one bread starter into one bread.
* Distribute remaining bread starters as follows: 2 to "friends", one to self

End result, you have your bread and eat it too.


Su doesn't know the difference between butter and cheese.


2009 is being declaced a complete waste for me! The Jehovas Witnesses came to my house today and I completely failed to convert their religion*. I prepare all year for this day, and I have the whole dialog in my head ready to go. BUT there is one critical failure: JW only come early in the morning on a weekend, and I am unable to have rational discourse so early in the day! Maybe in 2010, sigh.


*I maintain that I can take any religious person and convert them into a baseline human (or a crying, sobbing, confused mess) by using only the socratic method. However whether or not this is a noble cause is still a matter of my ethical develoment. Naturally, it goes with saying that Jehovas witnesses are asking for it.


I am buying a box of 500 nylon frisbees imported from China. Now I will NEVER run out. Hopefully I can choose the importer and have them delivered in time for the pool party.


Chris said…
Be careful if you use Hong Kong Post. Stuff from that takes a very long time. It will arrive, just much later than you expected. order early.
Anonymous said…
hahahaha~~~~~~~~cong. you wasted the whole year!! poor will!!do you know who i am ?
Anonymous said…
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