Best Craigslist prank involving puppies

Back in June 2008, someone posted this advertisement on craigslist:

4 months old, male, very friendly and sociable, especially to young kids. If you're interested in this friendly lil fella, call Will at 267-***-****.

This was a great prank. My phone was off when it was posted. When I turned my phone on, I had 20 voicemails and over the next 2 hours, my phone was literally ringing off the hook.
You can listen to some of the voicemails:

I never figured out who posted this message, but I suspect it was Kristin Bello (or maybe Megha) because I don't know anyone else who could pretend to use the word "fella."

P.S. Sorry for the delay. It took me a while to figure out how to download the messages from my iPhone.


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