Stock markets have gone down over the last 10-year period

I'm surprised no newspapers have picked up on this, so I'll post it myself. Many people have talked about risk in the stock market and have used this phrase to sum it up:
"There have been no 10-year period when the stock market has lost money"
Let me be the first to announce that history has been rewritten:

Closing price1998-10-222008-10-22Change
S&P 5001,078.48896.78-181.70
Nikkei 22514,295.568,674.69-5,620.87
FTSE 1005,229.904,040.89-1,189.01

Some people have been using the DOW to refer to the stock market. This is wrong. But interestingly enough, ALL of the indicies have dropped in 10 years.

Sites like these will have to be updated:
Happy investing.


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