Protein Bars and Whey Protein - Which ones have Melamine?

The Optimum Nutrition website does not explicitly state whether their products contain melamine. Questions of same have gone unanswered by their online email form. Their phone voicemail box is currently full and is not accepting new mail.

I assume this is a bad thing.


Clif Bar (also maker of Builder Bars) confirmed they did not/d not use products with from China. An excerpt is:
The recent incidents involving melamine in Chinese milk products have been investigated by our quality assurance team and we can confirm that none of our products contain dairy products sourced from China.

Met-Rx (makers of Ultramyosyn Whey) have denied the existance of melamine on their homepage. I recently sent in an email to ask them:
... Our dairy based protein suppliers have confirmed the absence of melamine in their ingredients. ...


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