LeBow College of Business Billing [Revised]

(This post has been edited. This is the original text, the revision follows.)

You would not believe the effort Drexel will go through to increase their students tuition $40 per credit hour without them knowing about it.


I am enrolled in the "Two Year MBA". But it is not cohorted, so essentially, this is exactly like the "Professional MBA program". The former bills at a higher rate, but the latter is exactly what I am experiencing.

(The following text has been added to this post at 2007-01-26 2:23PM.)

I have been in contact with the Associate Director of Graduate Programs and spoke on the phone today with Rob Palachick - Director of Graduate Enrollment Operations, and have been updated on the situation. The descriptions of the different MBA programs have changed since last year, also the prices have changed. Some of the information online is old and some of it is updated. The exact combination of what information is published now is what caused the assumption above. After speaking with Rob, it is obvious that this was not a malicious attempt, and he is working now to update the information.

Since this situation may affect prospective students until that information is updated, this post will be revised again when the issue is completely resolved.

Thank you to the Drexel staff for working quickly to identify and resolve this issue.


Note: I will update this post when this issue has been completely resolved, which it has yet to.

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