What happened in class today? I heard presentations from every person in the LeBow program and got to meet fellow students, faculty and staff.

My MacBook also had an interesting day: it took a hard fall onto a slate floor but recovered with a small battle wound; then an untamed cell phone named Gassy tried to give it a virus.

I also met a bunch of people today. Here's an overview:

Ioannis is from Greece and he introduced me to the class after we interviewed each other, I'm setting up a time to play him in chess.

I heard from Nikki (Manning??) and am trying to get in contact with her about Toastmasters at Drexel.

I heard from Shailesh about GSA and contacted him to learn more about upcoming activities and how I can get involved.

I contacted MBAA to learn about their program and to find opportunities for getting involved.

I spoke with Dr. Boyer who referred me to Dr. Mason in the finance department who I am contacting to learn about his interesting stock market modeling project, something I am also working on.

I met Wen Yen, Lin Wen and (I'm sorry I never got your name, but I do know that you work for a competitor for Victoria's Secret and your boss thinks your experience here is good to help improve your English and to increase your worldview) to talk about live in Taiwan, photography and to enlist me for possible tour guide services in the future. They were shocked at how little I know about Taiwan, but were very happy to answer all my questions.

With this post, I'm also including the photo of the minute. This is where I literally reach on my floor and pick something up to take a low quality snapshot of it. This may or may not catch on with future posts.


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