Riddle: Coins

I have two coins.
Neither of them is worth more than or equal to a dollar.
Together they are worth more than a dollar.
What two coins do I have?
(no cutting in half)
WARNING: from now on, any response that does not answer this question will be a loss

I'm not posting the right answer, but here is an AA and a wrong assumption. Due to the warning, that will be a loss.

(21:28:05) Ryan McCabe: does it have anything to do with the value of what the coins are made of
(21:28:10) Ryan McCabe: like 2 pure silver dollars
(21:32:23) Ryan McCabe: 2, 1946 Silver Roosevelt dimes are worth $1.20
(22:19:50) Full Decent: numismatic value, i didn't even think of that
(22:19:53) Full Decent: aa!

(19:57:33) Kevin Spier: starting sunday i'm working 3-12, off wed/thursdays
(19:59:03) Kevin Spier: that riddle is ridiculous
(20:00:10) Kevin Spier: there exists no such coin that is worth x for $0.5<$1.0>1.0
(20:01:08) Kevin Spier: given that you are considering only face value of american currency there exists no pair of coins satisfying your criteria


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