PATCHES: diff -rupd
MY HOME: svn+ssh://entriken@svn.kde.org/home/kde/branches/work/soc_ksm

x Get code up and working
Got 3.5.3 stable tarball and created soc_ksm branch
x Fix bugs in current sessions implementation
WM now handled specially, code reorganized to fix State model
x Auto-save sessions and recover from crashes
Sessions autosave every 20 minutes, after a crash you get to choose what session to start. Sessions keep track of when they were last saved.
(20060707) Create data structures to keep track of an AppGroup for each client application
(20060707) Create DCOP calls to open or close all apps in an AppGroup (while KDE is running)
(20060708) Create DCOP call to list all AppGroups (for integration)
NOTIME Think about how to save thumbnails or other useful metadata to AppGroups/sessions
maybe time spent using apps in AppGroup (int with karm), date last used, ...
(20060710) Test several application that are open in different AppGroups at the same time and open and close them to make sure they work. Hopefully, it will magically work.
(20060714) Create DCOP calls to associate/disassociate apps with AppGroups. I'm not yet sure how to itentify apps, from inside and out ksmserver.
(20060718) Create a better GUI to choose a session on startup and tie into the kcontrol module to decide whether to show the dialog.
(20060720) Create a GUI to create/start/stop AppGroups and to associate/disassociate apps to groups. It would be nice to drag and drop apps to AppGroups.

(20060722) Release AppGroups feature into the wild! Handle (immense) feedback. Start making contacts for the next step.

There is no specific schedule yet for the remaining tasks.

Early august - think of other application to integrate session support with like:
workspace switcher
task manager,
window list,

Mid August - Port to KDE4 TRUNK and merge with other change made from 3.5.3 to TRUNK.

20060820 - Project deadline to finish

Late August - more porting, and headaches involved with that. And bonus tasks

[] Remove ellipsis if logout is not confirmed
[] look in code for // at the beginning of the line
[] able to start no wm
[] // TODO: turn the feedback widget into a list of apps to be closed,
[] move some ksm functionality into kinit??
[] edit the README: shutdown phases, talk little about XSMP

xhost +
su kde4
Xnest :1& sleep 5; DISPLAY=:1 xterm
xterm: startkde

[Seli] I suppose you'll need that for saving session snapshots that won't be followed by a logout
>fulld< oh, apps don't support that yet?
[Seli] but I think you won't need to do that right from the start ... simply fix what shows up when it shows up
[Seli] you shouldn't spend the whole time just fixing bugs
[Seli] but there are two parts, saving and shutdown
[Seli] and many apps don't see a difference between the two
[Seli] so they do shutdown already while saving


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