Whammy pod

Mom: Are you saying that your friends are staying in that apartment
past senior year?
Full Decent <AUTO-REPLY> : Will,
If you come home this weekend, perhaps you could give me some
advanced I Pod lessons. Like, how to turn it on. What it does. How to
wear the earphones. I haven't used this thing at all.
Love, Mom
Mom: Hey, how did you get my email into the IM. Manually, or some type
of hacker trick that automatically converts emails to IMs?
Full Decent: No, when you get something funny you want to tell
everyone, you put it as your away message - then everyone can see it
Mom: So, I'm a laughing stock. I see how it works now. Careful, or
I'll put your nude baby photos on my website.
Full Decent: ulth
Full Decent: you have a website?
Mom: Ha! Ha! Ha! No, that was just a joke. I can't even turn on the
Ipod, remember?


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