Bad phone sex (that used to be good)

Is it possible to ruin sex with a phone call, if the person who called you is the person you're sleeping with?

This is a question I haven't thought of, but that was just answered for me.


Anonymous said…
(19:40:23) Anthony Romano: hey
(19:40:29) Anthony Romano: explain phone + sex + ruin
(19:40:41) Anthony Romano: unless its too personal
(19:40:45) Anthony Romano: but if its comical I do wish to know
(19:40:57) Full Decent: the sex is in the dream
(19:41:05) Full Decent: then that person called to wake me up
(19:41:09) Full Decent: = end sex
Anonymous said…
I was thinking you were having sex and she rolled over on her cell phone which was next to her, and it called you. That would have been funnier lol

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