10 weird things you can do on a couch

Ode to a couch

After countless nights of PTFO, many "paper writing" parties (that's you Monica P and Erin W), random people having sex on (that's you Evan's friend's friend plus random girl), "Artistic Posing" on (that's you KQ), being broken (Frank A), riding atop a minivan (thanks Mom), multiple people throwing up on (that's you John T, and Guy T), infinite food on it (Guy T again), going in the shower (John T again), being Chris's "office" (Chris N), and most of all putting up with my 90's music nonstop, my couch lay unnamed in the dumpster... all because mom "I don't want to know where your couch has been or what bodily fluids are on it, and I sure as hell don't want to clean it."
To all the people mentioned in this article: yes, these photos are on my website.
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