Riddle: Answers to the coconut millionaire question

The last profile riddle:
My friend told me the other day that he had found coconuts on sale for $5 a dozen. Because there is a large demand for coconuts, he decided to sell them -- for $3 dollars a dozen. Since then, using this scheme, he has become a millionaire. How is this possible?

Generated too many funny responses to fit in the profile some are here:

flyingelmo2004: selling nearly 4 million coconuts

nacnud1983: another retailer was selling them for the $5, he undercut them and became a millionaire, BIATCH

gosujohn: change of currency son

Pinball 10
pinball10: he never bought the coconuts?
Full Decent <auto-reply> : A new riddle is in the profile, a chance to redeem for some.
pinball10: yep...he just walked right up to that coconut stand while the guy was on lunch break and started selling them coconuts
pinball10: he did this day after day...
pinball10: until one day he discovered he had an alergic reaction to coconuts...
pinball10: when he attempted to sample his own wares.
pinball10: he was treated at the local hospital, and subsequently sued the original coconut stand owner.
pinball10: For emotional and liver damage.
pinball10: And facial ugliness.
pinball10: Fortunately, he had an excellent attourney, and won the case.
pinball10: With net gains of over a million dollars.
pinball10: (and maybe I cheated)

llgirl714: hmmm i think its cause he is getting a profit off of it
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